Zak Mountain is Zak Ringlestein and he's running against Senator Angus King.


Oh elections. Zak Ringlestein was on the ballot as a Democrat for Senate.  But good ol' Zak, from Yarmouth, tried his hand at country music and lived in Nashville for a bit in 2016 and released a music video for his song, 'Raised in the U.S.A.'

It was removed from YouTube, because Zak is now a teacher and didn't want his students to find it.'s still out there and I have watched it a couple of times. It's awesome.

The video includes Bud, skinny dipping and trucks! Pure country!

But, he's not the only King opponent who has been in a Speedo.

According to the Portland Press Herald:

Republican Eric Brakey was featured in a video that surfaced five years ago while he was running for a state Senate seat. It showed him dancing the samba in a Speedo while promoting Vita Coco Coconut Water. Brakey, who majored in theater in college and was working as an actor in New York City when the ad was made, laughed off the video after it was released.

Oh's good!


Some would say that we've had worse choices...and they would be right.

Don't forget to vote...but try to forget the Speedo images...

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