I arrived at camp one day and these materials had been delivered by my friend Gary. You can probably guess where he works. It instantly became clear that my girlfriend had placed the order and was going ahead with her crazy plan. 

Pinterest is like the do-it-yourself channel on the internet for women. Yeah I said it. Women. I've never once seen a guy talk, mention, or post on Facebook ANYTHING that they saw on Pinterest. Ever.

So what could she possibly be doing with 4x4's, concrete blocks and wooden pallets? Oh and four cans of spray paint not pictured.

It took some time, but here's her finished product.


A bench. I'm not sure how I feel about this bench yet. The cushions are comfortable, but there's no backrest. It does however fit my length perfectly.


Give me some time. I may start to like it after I get a few naps in on it.

You may be asking where the pallets are. That's for her NEXT project.

Here's the original....um....pin? Is that what they call it. I'm such a guy.