I've had my cat, Daisy, since I was seven years old. She's been the best cat in the world. Since I've got my iPhone, I've slowly been turning into a cat lady... maybe even a crazy one. My instagram account is FULL of cat selfies. Like, more than half my pictures have me and my cat. Mike Rovin tells me that I'm turning into a crazy cat lady every single time I post a cat selfie.

So, I've come up with five ways to tell if you are turning into a crazy cat like me:

  1. If the majority of the photos on your phone - including the background image are of your cat.
  2. If you hug/kiss your cat good morning, good night, and before you leave the house.
  3. If you still talk to your cat in that annoying baby-talk voice.. (I was just doing that...hah)
  4. If your cat likes or doesn't like a new person in your life... that affects how much you like (or not) that person.
  5. And finally... if you just love spending every single minute with your cat... like me!

Here are just a few of the pictures of me and my cat that I've taken since January... I have about 40 more on my phone. And don't forget to enter your cat (or dog or bunny or whatever pet you're crazy for) in our Qutest Pet Contest!