It's 2016 and we do things a lot differently now than we did in 1986, yet we found 10 things in our in our office that could be considered obsolete in the 21st century. Some still even have 1986 dust on them. 


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    What's another word for old? It's 2016 so I'll just Google that rather than grab this thesaurus. What a coincidence that the name thesaurus sounds like it could be a dinosaur.

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    Pencil Sharpener

    I can't remember the last time I needed to sharpen a pencil. Maybe my high school SAT's? Judging by the dust on this no one here has sharpened one since 1989.

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    Tube TV

    At least it still works even if it weighs twice as much as a modern 50 inch flat screen TV. We're in a 16:9 world now though. When you watch TV on a square screen you're missing some of the picture.

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    1986 Radio Copy Book

    This book contains ideas for radio commercials written in 1986 for such businesses as telephone answering services, photo finishers, waterbeds and video arcades. A quick survey around the office shows that no one knew it was here.

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    Bulk Eraser

    We used to use this to quickly erase reel to reel and cassette tapes. Put the tape on top of the block, hit the button on the front and a powerful magnet wipes everything on the tape. We haven't used tape in radio during this century, but it's still here.

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    Telephone Audio Interface

    Here's another obsolete radio tool. When we would create commercials, sometimes the advertiser needed to hear them before they aired. We'd call them on the phone and then put the receiver down on this pad that had a little speaker in it that would play the audio through the phone. Very low tech by today's standard where we just email them an mp3.

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    Before the selfie, there was a selphy. They still make these, but this is the 2008 model of the photo printer that hasn't been used here in a few years. It's not exactly obsolete, but when you can send a photo from your phone to Walgreens and have a print in less than an hour for 20 cents, why bother?

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    Solar Powered Calculator

    Some people still use calculators in the office. This one looks like it's seen its fair share of key pounding over the years. I couldn't find the exact year this was model was released, but I'm guessing mid to late 80's. My phone has its own calculator, but these bad boys never die while my phone no doubt will before my contract is up.

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    It's dead and does anyone really miss it? We're more worried about when the laser printer dies than this thing. Need a copy of that? I'll email it to you or if you're Lori, I'll print you your own copy.

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    Box of CD's

    Speaking of Lori, here's her box of CD's stored in the corner of a room since she won't let us throw them out. She insists that we might need these someday even though we haven't had a CD player in the studio in years and she'd never be able to find what she wanted anyway. Do people still buy CD's who are under the age of 50?

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