A Limington Maine man's life was saved last night thanks to a neighbor and the man's yellow lab named Samantha.

According to the York County Sheriff's Office, a local woman called the sheriff's office after hearing yelling from the woods behind her house. Sergeant Steve Thistlewood and others responded and discovered a barking yellow lab trying to get their attention.

Thankfully Sergeant Thistlewood followed the dog and came to her 84-year-old owner who had fallen into a brook on the 30-degree evening. Hypothermia was beginning to set in. Sergeant Thistlewood and the other officers on the scene were able to rescue the man thanks to Samantha, the yellow lab.

In their Facebook post about the incident, the York County Sheriff's Office reported having spoken to the man's son who said that his father had taken Samantha out for a run and had run off. He attempted to go after her when he ended up losing his footing and fell down into an embankment into the brook.

Good girl, Samantha! Who knows what could have happened without you.

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