Do you remember these?  What was your favorite?

1.  Skip It.  We had one of these and more times than not I would wind up on the ground.

2.  X-Wing Fighter.  The whole Star Wars thing was huge!

3.  Cabbage Patch Kids.  Nothing to say here, but they are still around.  When they first came out on the market, you couldn't find them they sold so quickly.

4.  Cap Gun.  Back in the day when everyone was a bit less reactive, we carried these around and actually pointed them at each other and BANG.

5.  Paper Dolls.  Here's a real throwback.  The precursor to Flat Stanley?

6.  Barbies.  When you really wanted to play house, you got a Barbie.

7.  Rock'em Sock'em Robots.  When fighting was actually ok and it was fun.

8.  Thundershift 500.  Man, we could play with this thing for hours, or until it broke.

9.  Breyer Horses!  These things were so beautiful and life like.  They didn't move at all, but that sure didn't stop them from galloping.

10.  Stretch Armstrong.  Face it, you know what's inside, don't you?

They ought to have these in stock at the gym to work out our pecs.

What was YOUR favorite toy growing up?  Post it in the comments.