A fast-growing lifestyle chain from China is about to make their debut in Maine. That would be Miniso, a China-based company that calls themselves purveyors of lifestyle goods. They've spent the last few years opening retail stores across the country, and are set to open their latest inside the Maine Mall.

The Maine Mall in South Portland, Maine, on June 21, 2019.
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What is Miniso?

If you've heard of Miniso by now, it's likely from their online store. They've been offering everything from cosmetics to household goods through their online portal at discounted rates, making them popular amongst bargain-minded shoppers.

According to PR Newswire, Miniso began opening retail stores in the U.S. several years ago as a way to further enhance their brand and supplement their popular online offerings. The strategy has been successful so far.

Facebook via Miniso USA
Facebook via Miniso USA

What Will I Find in a Miniso Store?

Miniso currently operates two different types of stores across the United States. Their most basic store is one that features many of the same products you'll find in their online store. Additional locally-sourced items are a key element to brick-and-mortar Miniso stores.

But they've also been debuting a different concept across the country as well. Some Miniso stores are "10 'N Under' stores, meaning that 95% of the items sold in the store are $10 or less. Those stores have been particularly popular in certain areas of the country.

Facebook via Miniso USA
Facebook via Miniso USA

Miniso Will Feel Unique in the Maine Mall

Whichever version of Miniso opens in the Maine Mall, it will feel unique. All stores featuring a mix of stylish clothing items, toys and plushies, household items, cosmetics, and even some electronics as well. Miniso stores are also contracted to carry Disney merchandise.

As of this writing, there is no firm date for the Miniso store opening at the Maine Mall, but it's coming soon.

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