Last December Chelsea wrote to me with a request for her 10-year-old daughter Kennedy.


You see, Kennedy is a big fan and was working on a huge school project called the ABC's of Maine. She picked The Q Morning Show to be featured for the letter Q. Kennedy goes to St. Dominic Academy in Lewiston.

For this amazing project, she wanted to interview me and maybe get a picture of the morning show for her booklet.

Mom was reaching out super early as the project wasn't due for a couple of months.

Kennedy stopped by on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and interviewed me. It was very sweet.

Well, as I was going through my massive file for Cans for a Cure I found this:

Inside this thank you card was 10 dollars to Cans for a Cure. I kept that note and money and will add it to our goal!

I sat and held that note for a good long time and thought...this is exactly why I love Cans for a Cure. I love that Kennedy gave money to Cans for a Cure nine months before it even happens! I'm sure she did it because she knows it means a lot to me, and that she would be helping people who have cancer...

Thanks Kennedy...I love, love, love your note and thank you for helping Cans for a Cure!


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