In light of the world's largest ice carousel being constructed recently in Sinclair, Maine, check out some other oddball Guinness World Records that were set in our great state. Leave it to Mainers to set records in things you didn't even know were competitions.

As the first holder of this record, Michael Diggins Jr. must have always known he had a gift. The gift of good shucking. Back in 2015, he managed to shuck 13 ears of corn in one minute!

Residents of Bethel and surrounding towns built the world's largest snowman, identifying as female, named Olympia, and standing at 122' 1" tall. She's got trees for arms, tires for buttons, and skis for eyelashes.

Robert G. Davis rode his Yamaha RS Venture snowmobile through Maine and Canada on the world's longest snowmobile journey, totaling 12,163 miles. It took him 60 days.

Remember Myst, that computer game where you wandered around endlessly exploring libraries, treehouses and landscape, pushing random buttons and seeing if anything happened? Turns out there was an object to that game, and student Dylan Guptill of South Berwick completed it in only 3 minutes and 18 seconds. I don't even know how you could walk that fast in Myst!

As we discussed earlier in my weird museums of Maine post, Nancy Hoffman of Peaks Island runs the appropriately named Umbrella Sleeve Museum out of her home, and since 2012 has been the official record holder of the world’s most umbrella sleeves at 730.

Turns our you don't have to look cool to break records: Young Zachary Miller broke this record at Brunswick High School in July of 2014 when he completed a mile in 5 minutes and 48.86 seconds – while wearing swim fins!

The longest canoe measures 149 feet 1 inch and was built by students and teachers of Nokomis Regional High School in Newport. Does that even count as a canoe anymore, or it is just a tree with a hole carved in the side?!

Until recently I didn't realize this actually revolved! In Yarmouth, a sphere 41' 18" in diameter and weighing 5,600 lbs, Eartha the giant globe was designed and built over two years by Delorme. Built on a specially designed cantilever arm, Eartha rotates and revolves, representing the earth as it is seen from space. It is powered by two electric-powered motors controlled by a computer.

Ever tried running 10 miles? That seems hard enough for me; but a team of 13 tap dancers from the Centre of Movement School of Performing Arts didn't stop there. As part of a fund raiser in 2002, they tapdanced their way from Portland to Gorham over the span of a 4 hour and 33 minute choreographed number. The memorization alone sounds like a doozy!

Colonel Joe Kittinger of the United States Air Force became the first man to complete a solo transatlantic crossing by balloon in 1984 when he traveled 3,543 miles from Caribou, Maine to Montenotte, Italy. The flight took 86 hours and Joe must have brought a lot of snacks.

Donna Harris of Lewiston let out all of her frustration with a smile on October 10th, 2015, when she karate chopped 156 pine boards in 60 seconds. Donna is currently training to break the world record for the longest plank with weight on her back. This woman knows no limits!

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