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It's been a little over three years since Maine cannabis sales began after a law was passed that legalized the recreational use, retail sale, and taxation of cannabis. Since then, the industry has been booming with cannabis stores seemingly as common in cities and towns as convenience stores.

According to the State of Maine Office of Cannabis Policy, there are currently 218 cannabis stores in the state. Here they are, dotted all over this map provided by the Office of Cannabis Policy.

State of Maine Office of Cannabis Policy
State of Maine Office of Cannabis Policy

Unless you're up in the northern part of the state, you are probably not very far from a location where you can buy cannabis. But how much did the cannabis industry in Maine make in 2023? The Office of Cannabis Policy has that answer too.

Here's the trend of how much money is made in Maine from cannabis sales.

2020: $4,278,391

2021: $81,936,099 

2022: $158,904,406

2023: $216,885,262

To put those numbers in perspective in 2021, cannabis sales increased by 1815% over 2020, though that's due to it not being a full year of sales.

In 2022, sales almost doubled by 93% more than 2021 numbers, and in 2023, sales increased by 36%. According to The Portland Press Herald, cannabis became Maine's most valuable crop in 2020, beating out potatoes and blueberries.

With continuous growth year to year, it doesn't sound like the cannabis industry is going to go anywhere anytime soon.

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