With a nickname like Vacationland, people venture to Maine with the idea that they are going to do some vacation-like things. For many, that involves beaches, peeping the coastline, and maybe even some hiking, which is why Acadia National Park has become one of the top tourist attractions in the entire New England region.

Because the popularity of Acadia has swelled, access to the national park has become a little bit trickier over the years. There's only so much space and only so many guests that can comfortably visit the grounds each day.

Beautiful picture of the shore in Acadia National Park in Maine, USA
Eun Kim

With Acadia National Park's hiking trails being nationally recognized and the reservation system making potential visitors even more hyped to get through the gate, there will inevitably be some letdown for visitors to the park.

Perhaps it comes from dreaming up your one and only visit to truly take in all of Maine's beauty in one setting. There's also a bit of letdown when people show up and realize it's only a national park and not Disney World.

Wooden boardwalk in Jordan Pond, bubble mountains in background

In the day of age where people love to share their thoughts via reviews, even Acadia National Park can get some bad ones. We decided to do a deep dive into the world of one-star reviews for one of the most popular national parks in the entire country.

Between Google and TripAdvisor alone, there have been more than 20,000 reviews left for Acadia National Park. Most of those have been four or five stars. But take a look at the people who felt like one star was too many.

12 of the Most Ridiculous One-Star Reviews of Acadia National Park in Maine

From cold showers to a lack of directions, here are 12 of the strangest one-star reviews from Google and TripAdvisor after people visited Acadia National Park in Maine.

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