It was a little like that scene in Stand By Me without the fast approaching train. A 12-year-old boy in South Paris had to be rescued by firefighters when tried to cross a high railroad trestle over the Androscoggin River and panicked.

According to the Sun Journal, the boys decided to cross the trestle Thursday afternoon after getting out of the nearby Oxford Hills Middle School. One boy got scared of the height and froze. The trestle is several hundred feet above the river with openings between the ties in the rails, so you can understand his fear.

Firefighters were able to secure him with ropes and help him down off the trestle after notifying the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad to hold the freight train that typically comes through at the time to service the New England Public Warehouse near the trestle.



The Paris Police Department used this incident as a reminder to stay off railroad tracks. They're private property and being on them for any reason is not only punishable by law, but it could get you injured or killed.

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