Meghan Morgan is a single mom in Falmouth, helping her 13 month old son Henry fight an inoperable rare cancer. NBC Nightly News featured Megan and her cousin Kristy Phinney on how they are getting through this unbearable time.


The NBC story focused on how crowdfunding is helping many families deal with the high cost of health care. Families fighting cancer are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy.

Meghan runs a dog walking business in Portland, and hasn't left Henry's side for 3 weeks. He's been at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital fighting neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. The room alone was $40,000. That doesn't include the cost of his chemotherapy, surgery and other treatments.

Her insurance will likely cover much of that, but she can't even afford the $5,000 deductible. Without working, she has no way to cover day-to-day expenses like food, rent, and car repairs. That's where Meghan's cousin Kristy Phinney stepped in to help.

Henry Morgan smiling
Help Henry Morgan Fight Cancer GoFundMe

Kristy set up a GoFundMe page for Henry. This is right up Kristy's ally because she is the social media director at an ad agency. It took her 15 minutes to set up the page using her phone. "I think I was crying the whole time, just writing their story, knowing how important it was."

Megan says that it was hard to accept the help, but then added, "I definitely am so grateful, because I know I am going to need help, whether I like it or not."


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