Freeport Cafe has helped Cans for a Cure, by collecting bottles and cans and saving the money. I picked up 20 envelopes...all filled with cash.


They collected and redeemed:



All for Cans for a Cure. That's our annual fundraising event that has grown crazy leaps and bounds. Our goal for 2017 is 1.5 MILLION BOTTLES AND CANS! That's 75,000 dollars all for the Cancer Community Center.

I love those guys. They offer free services for anyone touched by cancer. Patients, family and friends. It's the place you go, when you don't know where to turn.

To reach a goal like that, it's companies like Freeport Cafe who work tirelessly throughout the year to help us help the CCC. They are not alone.

Please take a minute to recognize the companies who have reached out and said...we want to help you year round and reach your goal and beyond.

OXFORD CASINO: They are the organization that pushed us to 1 million bottles and cans and pushed us this year to surpass it for our 15th year, with 1.5 million bottles and cans. They have committed year round with Give 5 Get 10You give 5 dollars to Cans for a Cure, they give you 10 bucks in free slot play and all of that money stays right here in Maine. All of it. They make me want to be better every day. Thanks guys.

SUMMIT NATURAL GAS: A new contributor to Cans for a Cure, they reached out and said, 'How can we help?' They love what we do, and wanted to help. They are currently saving all their bottles and cans. Thank you!

PROSTHODONTICS ASSOCIATESDebbie reached out wanting to be involved. They have been collecting bottles and cans for months! All behind the scene - with lots of passion and compassion. I'll be stopping by soon to give them more Clynk bags. I've also heard Debbie makes a mean Needham! Thank you Debbie for being the leader in helping Cans!

WEX INC: Back in February Kristin Mollison heard us chatting about our giant goal for Cans for a Cure. She said that her team would love to start collecting cans in their kitchen to donate to the cause. They didn't have space to collect in their kitchen and we worked out an option. To reach out to help 8 months before the event, floored me and gives me the motivation to kick total butt in October!

FOOD CITY: Kirsten has not only been collecting bottles and cans, but held a 'garage sale' and built a shed for the cause! She recently stopped by with checks totally over 600 dollars! Kirsten and I bonded because we are both a tad left of center. I get her and she gets me. We both are excited to do as much as possible to help those that need it. She inspires me at my job and as a human. I love that crazy lady and Food City!


We have some exciting news about how we hope to reach our goal of 1.5 MILLION BOTTLES AND CANS! We look forward to sharing very soon as we gear up for our 15th year of helping those dealing with breast cancer...

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