The breakfast sandwich is the best way to start your day.

In researching where the best breakfast sandwiches are in Greater Portland, I found so many places I need to try! Thanks to Reddit fans of breakfast sandwiches, most of the places listed are in Portland. One thing is for sure, I have a lot of catching up to do because nothing beats a good breakfast sandwich. It's the perfect way to get all your favorite things in convenient to-go packaging...bread! Or croissant, bagel, focaccia - so many options. Have you heard of pancake buns? Keep reading. Are you a sausage fan? Bacon? Ham? Or just veggie?

Coffee ME Up Portland Facebook
Coffee ME Up Portland Facebook

Ever wonder who thought up the breakfast sandwich? It was Herb Peterson, a McDonald's franchisee in Southern California. He created the breakfast sandwich in the early 1970s. It changed the way we all eat breakfast and opened up a whole new market for the fast food industry. Who woulda thunk that the Egg McMuffin was the start of it all? I don't care how you like your breakfast sandwich, or what you like on it - I guarantee that there will be your perfect sandwich in the following 30 of the best.

In case we missed your favorite, let us know! I gotta go on a breakfast sandwich tour in Maine. I've had quite a few of the 30 listed here, but there was a lot that I didn't even know were around! Little holes in the walls that sound amazing. Or places that you would never in a million years think of for a breakfast sandwich. Be prepared to be hungry!

30 of the Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Greater Portland

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