You can find a menu to satisfy anyone in the land of foodies in Portland, Maine. There are plenty of indulgent, juicy burgers, cheesy pizzas, and outlandish dishes loaded with fried components if you're looking for them. Portland's eateries also take care of those with a lighter appetite. These four places in the Old Port will keep you well fed and feeling healthy.

Smoothie bowls are sweet, delicious, and fresh. Blake Orchard nails the healthy-but-good goal. Try the Summer Bowl. It's loaded with fresh, seasonal fruit and the locally made peanut butter will cure all of your ailments.

B.good is good food, fast. Try making one of their burgers or chicken sandwiches with the low carb options. You'll get all the fixings of the burger served on a bed of crisp seasonal veggies. SO. GOOD.

Daily Greens is a standby for anyone who works downtown and wants a healthier lunch. The salads are tossed fresh right in front of you. Dine in at the Portland Public Market and get out of your cubicle lunch room.

Green Elephant makes vegetarian dishes more accessible to those of us who don't eat like a vegetarian full time. The pad thai remains the best pad Thai I've ever eaten. You won't miss the chicken or shrimp with all the flavors in this vegetarian version of the popular takeout dish.

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