4-year-old Kendall from Winthrop picked up her awesome LOL Big Suprise toy she won on the radio with the joke she told. We made her tell us again...


We knew we picked a hard contest when we told people to make us laugh to win the LOL Big Surprise. Get it? LOL...make us laugh.

Anyway, we were pretty stead fast in our NOT laughing..until Kendall broke us up. You can hear her try and tell us a joke.


In case you didn't get the joke (and trust me...we didn't either) it's.

What do you call a teddy bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear!

What made us laugh so darn hard is that Kendall was laughing so darn hard!

She was just as adorable when she came to pick it up with mom. She is a very sweet girl with her little sister. I met them at the door. I was very excited to give her the LOL Big Surprise! I think she liked it!


Merry Christmas to Kendall and her whole family...thanks for making us laugh.

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