Imagine. That's not even 49 candles! Empire, where we celebrated would not allow - as it WAS a fire hazard! I had THE best time! 

Jen had set up a babysitter so that she and I could have a grown up dinner (read: alcohol). She was wondering where I wanted to eat and sorta suggest Empire. We've been there a few times and it's fun and delicious. So I quickly agreed.

  • SIDENOTE: The cake in the above picture is a Boston Creme made by the one and only Wayne, of Wayne and Scott fame.It was amazing!

But she was weird all day. Even at one point suggesting that we go to 555. I thought that was a great idea too, especially because we had a gift certificate! Again, she was weird when she said, "We can't use that!"

Wha??  Whatever...moving on.

I know why she was weird all day - because for weeks, she had been coordinating with our friends for a surprise party!

the birthday gang

Yup, this motley crew was waiting for us when we got to the place! It was such a grand surprise - and I loved it. I'm so shy when the focus is on me...NOT!  hehehehe

But this dinner, filled with amazing food, laughter and yes, some adult beverages was preceded by my birthday at home with the kids. I got one of my favorite birthday presents from 9 year old Chloe:

She gave up 5 dollars of her own money! How great is that kid? Very, very sweet. And then to tell me I can't spend it on taxes. Apparently she remembers me bitching about taxes to her one day...

Thanks to Edie, Wayne, Scott, Sandy, Suzanne, Stacey, Jen, Kimm, Andrea, Laura and of course my Jen. It really was a fabulous way of turning almost 50.*

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*You don't turn 49, you turn 'almost 50'.

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