It's the first snow day of the school year and your kids (and probably you) are going to have a lot of excited energy and a fullllll day to waste on crafts. Here are some easy projects that you can make with the stuff lying around your house!

1) Twig Stars

Gather some twigs or wooden dowels, any kid of string/twine/wire, and a bit of glue to secure it all together to make a classic Swedish Christmas star. Add a little extra flair with some leaves, glitter string, or anything else you've got laying around!


2) Paper Globe

With some old stationery, photos, or Christmas cards, string, and glue or tape, follow the instructions here to make these cool decorative globes! They also work as tree ornaments!


3) Yarn Tapestry

Don't wanna get too Christmasy before Thanksgiving? These yarn tapestries are perhaps the simplest and most sophisticated-looking craft you can make out of some yarn, thread or string, and a stick. How easy is that?!


4) DIY Cotton Branches

This is one classy-looking decoration and totally made from stuff you've got around the house!

5) Cork Art

This one doesn't have a tutorial because I made it up, but it's pretty self-explanatory. If you have a few wine corks laying around that you've been saving for no reason in particular, slice 'em into a few pieces, glue them on a background, and draw or paint a simple image onto them. Voila!

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