I might be the biggest fan girl of The Rooms in Portland, Maine. Chef Harding Lee Smith's range of restaurants on Portland's Peninsula offer an incredible assortment of high end, homemade, yet accessible food for any craving. The Corner Room Kitchen & Bar boasts the best homemade pasta west of Italy, The Front Room bring cozy home cooking to Munjoy Hill, The Grill Room is the best spot for steaks in town, and Boone's Fish House and Oyster Room gives waterfront dining and a la carte seafood for the discerning tastebuds.

As the biggest fan girl of The Rooms, I've drafted my Top 5 list of reasons to dine at any of The Rooms restaurants. Pay special attention to number 5... I think you'll appreciate that one.

Top 5 Reasons To Dine at The Rooms

1. Homemade Pasta

My goodness I could write a novel about my love for pasta and carbs, especially the pasta at The Corner Room. The fresh homemade pasta rotates out seasonally with some staples like Fettucini Bolognese.

2. Lobster Poutine

I'm not messing with you. Boone's Fish House & Oyster Room makes a lobster poutine that'll make you want to declare a national holiday.

3. The Cozy Neighborhood Feel of The Front Room

The Front Room is the coziest of all the rooms situation right in my neighborhood of Munjoy Hill. You'll find your favorite home cooked staples here like shepherds pie, macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, and special deviled eggs with rotating toppings.

4. Perfect Grill Lines on Salmon, Steak and More

Need a steak and potatoes meal? The Grill Room is your spot. How do they get the grill lines perfect every single time?

5. $50 Gift Certificates to The Rooms are Half Off (While They Last!)

This might possibly the best part about The Rooms... Every once in a while Chef-Owner Harding Lee Smith stops into our studios and drops off a stack of $50 gift certificates and we get to sell them to you for half off. You can enjoy all of these incredible meals and drinks for half the cost. The catch? They sell out FAST. Go snag them right now!

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