My wife Sherry and I brought our boys to Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine when they were little in the 1990s and 2000s. We have happy play memories of shopping in the pretend grocery store, on the pretend fire truck and so much more.

This magical place has been a mecca for educational fun on Free Street in Portland for 3 decades entertaining generations of families.

Now there is a brand new wicked big state of the art Children's Museum we can take our granddaughter to this summer.

Just before the lockdown, plans for a new facility at Thompson's Point in Portland were put into place. They had a fundraising goal of $14 million to finance construction of the new location and ending up raising $15 million.

According to their Facebook page,

"The conclusion of the campaign comes as the Museum & Theatre prepares to open their new 30,000 square foot facility at Thompson’s Point, where they plan to welcome visitors beginning Thursday, June 24, 2021."

Check out the smiling faces on the very happy folks involved with the project in the photo below.

It's so beautiful on the outside, we can't wait to walk through the front doors and see all the amazing new things inside!

Cool! June 24 is just a couple weeks away!

Today the exciting news of how to get tickets was announced on the official Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine Facebook page.

According to the Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine website there will be many exciting improvements to enjoy next time we go.

"It features a state-of-the-art, 89-seat theatre with additional capacity, a 10,000 square foot science center, an arts workshop and makerspace studio, and dedicated exhibits geared toward infants, toddlers, and children up into their teens."


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