Well, it's almost upon us guys, Saint Patrick's Day. The only holiday where you get to decide that you're Irish for the day, and it's fully acceptable.

This year, as I'm sure your group chat already has been planning out your day because of it, St. Paddy's falls on a Sunday. Let's be honest guys, that's an easy excuse to celebrate all weekend.

Let's talk green beer. It's always the first thing bar hoppers get excited about, and back when I was a bartender at Dewey's and Bonfire in downtown Portland, it was the first question everybody would ask that day. "Do you guys sell green beer?"

What bars will serve green beer in Portland, Maine, on Saint Patrick's Day?

While I'm sure it's on a first come, first serve basis until it sells out (coming from a bartender's experience), I'd say these three bars are usually pretty accountable every St. Paddy's for serving the green (yes, I'm talking about the beer, relax).

Bonfire Country Bar

Right on the cobblestones downtown on Wharf Street, you'll find the ONLY country bar in the city that's always got something fun to offer whenever a holiday rolls around. Owner (and friend of mine) Tanner Herget confirmed he's gonna bring back the green beer keg this year until it's gone! Fun fact, I used to bartend here, and let me tell you, I'm excited to be on the other side of the bar for this Saint Patrick's day, ha!


Definitive Brewing Co.
Located on Industrial Way in Portland, their annual Keg's & Eggs kicks off at 10am, where you're guaranteed to find some green slushies. Check out their full schedule for the weekend here.

Maker's Market at Thompsons Point
They've got so many vendors and activities ready to show their creative take on green-themed drinks and products planned for the entire weekend. You're not gonna get bored here. Check out the full line up here.

Three Dollar Dewey's and the Porttown Public House, both located on Commercial Street, have told me they're also planning to bring in green beer and green cocktails again this year!

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