We've got great news if you have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the Ice Castles in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. Their original opening date of January 26 has been bumped up. The announcement was made on Facebook on January 14 that the new opening date will be a week early on January 20.

They don't specify exactly what allowed them to open earlier, but maybe the cold weather we've had this week has allowed the building of these beautiful Ice Castles to be completed ahead of time.

If you've never been to the Ice Castles,  it's an experience you won't soon forget.

Founder Brent Christensen made an ice cave in his front yard to get kids out of the house and it worked like a charm, not only with his kids, but with ones from the neighborhood who came out to play as well.

Word spread quickly, and people from all across town came to see and play in what he built. The kids named it "ice castle", and now Christensen's invention has grown much larger in scale, with seven locations in the United States.

Tickets are on sale now for Saturday, January 20, throughout February at the Ice Castles website. The site recommends you reserve your arrival time now, as spots are limited. You don't want to miss sliding down the ice slides, crawling through the ice tunnels, or just standing back and taking the beautiful view in.

Courtesy of Ice Castles
Courtesy of Ice Castles

There are also sleigh rides, snow tubing, the winter fairy village, a mystic forest light walk, and the Polar Pub for the adults.

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