Each day when I scroll social media I see countless videos of rescue dogs, photos of pups fresh out of a puppy mill environment, and older pups long forgotten in shelters, watching their last days roll by without a human to rub their belly. I chose to follow many organizations who help homeless dogs find forever homes because, having two rescue dogs myself, the cause is very close to my heart. I wish I could help every dog and give every pup, young or old, a safe, warm, loving home, but I know that I cannot do it alone.

I hope that by sharing the stories and photos of homeless dogs together we can find a home for the most needy dogs in our area. These five dogs are in their senior years, but their happiest years could be ahead of them.

Are you looking to add a dog to your family? Do you know someone who has time to show these dogs the love they deserve in their golden years?

Louie the Beagle

PetFinder.com via Tall Tails Beagle Rescue

From Tall Tails Beagle Rescue: "Louie is a 12 year old Beagle who came to us when his owner passed away. Louie is a sweet, mellow boy who is looking for a quiet retirement home. Louie is happiest at home, but also enjoys rides in the car. Please give Louie a loving home!"

Binka the Miniature Pinscher & Dachshund Mix

PetFinder.com via Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

From Big Fluffy Dog Rescue: "Looking for a best friend? A love bug? A snuggle buddy? Meet Binka, a 7 year old Min Pin mix. She can be shy at first, but warms up quickly and enjoys pettings from all around, as long as they are gentle. She adores cats and is crate trained and housebroken. Once she is on a routine, she is good to go!"

Snickers the English Springer Spaniel

PetFinder.com via New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue, INC

From New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue, INC: "Snickers' foster famliy reports that he is a "wonderful dog - he is quiet and sleeps a good deal, but is affectionate and enjoys people!" He presently goes to work with his foster dad, where he spends the day with people and with other dogs...He is a gentle boy who loves to be petted and is not very demanding. Snickers does need a middle of the night potty break. Otherwise he has no problems in that department. His hearing and eyesight are not great...This old boy has a lot of love to give!"

Frank the Black Mouth Cur Mix

PetFinder.com via Passion for Pets Rescue

From Passion for Pets Rescue: "He looks like a bear, this cutie...He is looking for a couch, some good food or any food (won't complain) and as much attention as anyone will give him. He loves touch, as you can see. He has also worn his teeth down into the gum, surviving 9 years of abuse and neglect, so this old man deserves only the best!"

Daniel the Hound & Terrier Mix

PetFinder.com via Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills

From Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills: "Despite the terrible things he has lived through, Daniel is loving and trusting of his people. When he arrived at the shelter as a stray, he had suffered terrible neglect. Untreated medical issues that he had suffered with for years necessitated the need for major surgery. Well, that's all behind him now! He has recovered just fine and he is like a new guy!! Feeling happy with lots of energy still left in him to share with someone new who will treat him with kindness and love him the way he should be loved!"

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