His name is Smooshie and he's a full-grown American Bulldog and Labrador Retriever mix pup in search of his forever home. This mixed breed is a favorite for their personality and laid-back nature, not to mention their distinct and unique faces and coloring.

Helping Paws in South Portland is hosting Smooshie while he searches for his forever home. His big grin and floppy ears are just part of what make him a special dog.

Petfinder.com via Helping Paws

He is funny, entertaining, happy-go-lucky, steady-eddy and oh so handsome with his color markings. He is housetrained and proving trustworthy in the house left unsupervised (foster mom found him snoring on the couch! Guard dog he is NOT!)

- Helping Paws

There's not much that phases Smooshie. He does well with kids, other dogs, cats, and pets. His only goal is to make you smile.

Petfinder.com via Helping Paws

If you think Smooshie is the guy you've been searching for, you can learn more about him on his Petfinder.com listing. Adult rescue dogs like Smooshie spend more time in the shelter than their younger counterparts, but they're not any less worthy of a home than the bouncing puppies beside them. Consider adopting an adult dog like Smooshie.