Coastal Maine Great Dane Rescue is celebrating 10 years of rescuing homeless and neglected dogs. The organization helps find the forever homes for Great Danes and other pups around the state. The founders of Coastal Maine Great Dane Rescue shared a photo and a story on their Facebook page this morning that had me all sorts of choked up.

This is the day 10 years ago that I went into a urine soaked shed behind a $500,000 house and rescued Simba. The owner wasn't home, told me to just "go get him because he peed in the new house". This old boy didn't hesitate to jump into the car of someone he didn't even know. We rode all the way home with the windows down because he smelled so bad. That evening Rog & I decided we needed to establish CMGDR. Thank you, Simba, for helping make this decision. Incidentally Simba never peed in our house!

Simba the dog was living in deplorable conditions when the founders of CMGDR gave him the life he deserved. Congratulations to Simba and his family who have worked for a decade to ensure dogs in need find a home filled with love and care.

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