We've all made the mistake of going apple picking and coming home with far too many apples. You get a bag, you pick excitedly, you make a delicious apple crumble and then... look with dead eyes at the remaining two bags full. You eat one for breakfast the next two days, then... that's it. You're sick of apples, and happy to let them sit there for weeks until they start to wrinkle and you toss them away.

I took the liberty of searching some out-of-the-box apple ideas for you so you don't have to sadly dump your collection into the trash for the fourth year in a row. Invite some friends and use up them apples with these unique crafts!

You can't deny it; masks are so in right now. But who wants to spend the big bucks on sheet masks from Target when you can mix up your own concoction and smear it on your face?

Ahhh apple stamps. The best thing since macaroni art and cutting off girls' braids with "safety scissors". Why not prep for halloween decorations with the carcasses of your end-of-summer haul?

I mean... why not use your extra apples to make use of Maine's lenient marijuana laws? As a reminder, you have to be at least 21, can only have up to 2.5 ounces, you can't use pot in public and you can't buy it – but you can grow your own and carve out an apple!

You know it's inevitable - immediately after the scary masks and plastic skeletons clear the shelves, wreaths and santa beards will take their place. Thanksgiving barely exists anymore. Might as well give in, add some gingerbread men and dried citrus and make a festive garland outta those extra apples.

Why not? We're running out of options and this is entertaining. If you have kids, chalk it up to your passion for DIY education.


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