Heather Bowman, like many of us, have leaned heavy on her dog to help get through this crappy year.


Rico is a 5 year old purebred boxer. He sings randomly to things that tickle his fancy. But he ALWAYS sings to 'Happy'. And Heather always plays 'Happy' when she needs a little happiness. He's not a bad singer!


Before the pandemic, we loved our pets. During the pandemic, we need our pets more than ever. What life savers every pet has been. We've leaned on them big time. They don't know there's a pandemic. They don't know that wearing a facemask has divided the country. They just know that you are around a whole lot more. More loving, more songs to sing.

We all think our pets are extraordinary...but is yours actually, super talented? What does your dog, cat, rabbit, bird...whatever do that makes them even more special! Share on Facebook! Oh and I can't compete with Rico for followers, so feel free to follow him on Instagram!



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