Most little kids have a lot to think about; they're making new friends, learning a ton in school, and absorbing the world around them. But 5-year-old RJ has something else on his mind.

When RJ was born, he was very sick. The NICU staff at Barbara Bush Children's Hospital saved his life, and because of them he's now a happy, healthy, and thriving kid. He loves school, has earned a junior blue belt in karate, and loves running 5ks with his dad. As a thank you to the NICU staff, RJ and his family have taken Christmas cookies to the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House every winter.

The NICU Ninja via GoFundMe
The NICU Ninja via GoFundMe


For RJ, that's not enough. He wants to take his volunteering to the next level and put together gift bags for all the NICU families with snacks for the parents and gifts for the babies. His goal includes buying enough toys that he’s able to fill his wagon with them and hand them out to the sick children in the NICU.

In order to reach his goal, RJ has been doing chores and yard work to save money - but at $1-$5/hour, he won’t make his goal by Christmas. In order to boost RJ toward his goal, a GoFundMe account was created by his family to raise $2,000. As of Friday afternoon, their campaign was already over a quarter of the way there!

To support this extraordinary kid's altruistic efforts, make his selfless dream come true, and bring some cheer to sick children and their families this Christmas, visit RJ's page and donate.

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