Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by a photo of food on the internet. 👋

Portland, Maine does brunch really well. So well, that I'm offended by some photos because I'm not actively consuming the food that pops up in my Instagram feed. These photos from Portland's all star brunch spots are among the most delicious looking photos on the internet right now. Don't fight me on this.

Side note, anyone want to get brunch?

Bayside American Café

How about these super popular cinnamon roll pancakes with extra sugary glaze?


Hot Suppa!

Chicken and waffles and hash browns and sausage gravy and maple syrup and... Some fruit for good measure. Gimme all of that.


Becky's Diner

Don't fight me on this one -- Grilled or griddled pastries will give us world peace.


The Sinful Kitchen

The Sinful Kitchen is a little off the beaten path but a worthy stop if you want to reward yourself with so-good-it's-sinful brunch. Forgive me Father for I have brunched.


The Bayou Kitchen

All I can think about is cornbread. Thanks Bayou Kitchen.



Dutch's is my all time favorite breakfast spot in Portland. I rarely stray from the Not So Traditional on a biscuit (that chimichurri sauce guys!) but I could be persuaded by this chicken biscuit.

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