We are going to experience some magical warm weather in Maine today. The first warm day of the season, even if it's flanked by terrible snow and frigid temperatures before and after, has a transformative effect on Mainers. We turn manic, cramming in every outdoor and warm weather activity we can in the warmest hours of the day with a crazed smile on our face that screams, "HEY. LOOK. IT'S WARM AND WE LOVE IT."

When the Time and Temp building hits 6-0 today, I'll be doing all six of these things, probably underdressed and overexcited that spring is on it's way. Because 60-degress might as well be 80.

Stare Out Your Office Window, Brainstorming Excuses to Leave Work Early

Somewhere, on the other side of those windows, are employees drafting elaborate Out of Office replies for their Outlook. Once you weasel your way out of your desk chair, the rest of the day is yours. Better hurry, the warmest hours are escaping you.

Ice Cream at Red's Dairy Freeze (Or Any Local Ice Cream Spot)

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Red's Dairy Freeze in South Portland is open for the season. There is something very special about the local ice cream shop opening it's window for the season. There's a sense of urgency to have your first ice cream of the season, like the warm weather isn't real until you have your first taste of soft serve with sprinkles.

Walk Old Orchard Beach with Your Dog

And say outloud, "This place is so nice when there aren't any tourists." The beach is always my first mission on a warm day early in the season. It's empty compared to mid-summer and my dogs can be off leash. Watching my girls spring from puddle to puddle rolling in whatever smelly pile of seaweed they can find with the warm sun on my face can pull me from any bad mood or stress I might be feeling.

Switch from Hot Coffee to Iced Coffee

Others! in Portland gets it, "Let's be real, may as well be 80°." Of course, plenty of Mainers drink iced coffee through the winter but when it hits that first warm day, the number of iced coffee cups sitting in car cupholders and on desk corners multiplies exponentially.

Instagram the Crap Out of Any Thermometer You Can Find

Get ready for your Facebook feed to be filled with thermometer photos. I don't mind these posts, especially if they're showing a magical 60° temp at the beginning of March.

Take a Sunset Photo as the Day Ends and Look at the Next Day's Forecast

"If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a minute." Today may be warm and lovely, but we all know that tomorrow could be the worst Nor'easter we've ever seen. So as the sun goes down, take one last breath of warm air, take the sunset photo, and remember that spring is just a few weeks away.

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