The great news I found on WMTW News's website of the 600 Mainers recovering from tje coronavirus really has been uplifting.

We are at over 1,000 cases here in Maine as of this writing, and 600 does seem like a majority.

However, it does not take away from what is occurring nationwide.

I am genuinely happy for those who have fought this unpredictable illness and survived. This is a sign that for every person who recovers, we are one step closer to finding a cure or vaccine, with plasma and antibody testing.

Family All Together At Christmas Dinner
Catherine Yeulet

It is easy to be mad at your government for doing what they can to keep you safe, or upset with the media for "fear-mongering."

Those are all understandable emotions that we are allowed to feel.

Try this today at some point, take a deep breath, and think positive thoughts toward the fact that this will end, and you can have your life back.



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