It sounds like this could be a big battle between the states of Maine and Vermont to see who can make the biggest whoopie pie.

In September of 2023, the Rutland, Vermont, Second Annual Whoopie Pie Festival wanted to do something really big. According to Vermont Public, the festival created a 542-pound whoopie pie.

In 2023, they wanted to go even bigger, and Dream Maker Bakers made a whoopie pie weighing a massive 770 pounds.

The ingredients included 100 pounds of flour, 72 pounds of butter, 180 eggs, and 72 pounds of marshmallow fluff. They pulled it off showing 770 pounds on the scale.

Maine has attempted the same thing. You know Maine, where the official state treat is the whoopie pie? And we kind of blew the cakes off Vermont's whoopie pie.

In 2012, the Maine famous Wicked Whoopies created a whoopie pie weighing in at 1,067 pounds. It beat the weight of Pennsylvania's whoopie pie, which came in at a measly 250 pounds. Sink your teeth into Vermont!

Maine also holds a Guinness World Record for the most whoopie pies in a consecutive line, which was 2129 that stretched 665 feet.

But Dream Maker Bakers aren't giving up. They know Maine has held the record for over a decade, but they're still coming for it, claiming they think they can make one bigger. To do it, they're going to need to tack on another 300 pounds or so.

This sounds like a call to action to start defending our title. We can't have Vermont sweep in and take it away from us. The time to start planning is now. Maine is watching you, Vermont, and we will be ready.

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