I am the first to admit I have not always been strong in the parking department. However I like to think I have improved over the years.

There are people out there who don't give a single hoot how they park or where. And sometimes when you encounter these horrendous parking jobs there's nothing left to but smile, whip out your phone and capture the moment.

And that is just what our listeners did! Here are some of my favorites captured by our audience.

Excuse me sir, I don't think that is a spot.
A tad too close for comfort
It's as if they just gave up.
Some folks just think outside the spot.
Ah, the classic one car taking up two spots for no good reason.


Yet again.
Sometime parking within the lines requires far too much effort.

Thanks to all our listeners who posted these. They gave me quite the giggle! Have a bad parking job picture to share? Post it in the comments section.