Fluffernutters, the sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow Fluff has been a favorite in New England for over a century. Fluffernutter is even the official state sandwich of Massachusetts. But as good as the traditional Fluffernutter is, many people have found new and interesting ways to make a Fluffernutter. Here are 10 we found on Instagram.


1. Fluffernutter with Toasted Fluff and Roasted Peanuts 

You wouldn't think a fluffernutter could get fancy, but this place does it by toasting the fluff, adding roasted peanuts and using their homemade bread. Okay, technically they're toasting marshmallows, but close enough.


2. Vegan Fluffernutter Cookies

Vegan isn't my thing, but don't if it's yours, these vegan fluffernutter cookies are perfect for you.


3. Nutter Butter Fluffernutter Cupcakes

What? The delicious Nutter Butter cookie as part of a Fluffernutter cupcake? Yes please! And it's even got a catchy name.


4. Dosido Fluffernutter

This recipe is simple. Dip your Girl Scout Dosido cookie in Fluff. Done!


5. Fluffernutter Shake

No words.


6. Fluffernutter Bars

This looks like good, gooey, deliciousness.


7. Fluffernutter Fritter

Look at those bananas! Elvis would have been a fan. Or is a fan depending on what you believe.


8. Fluffernutter French Toast

French Toast just upped its game!


9. Fluffernutter Whoopie Pies

They call them Fluffernutter Chocolate Sandwiches, but we live in Maine and we know better. That's a Fluffernutter whoopie pie!







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