When the food truck boom happened in Maine a few years back, people were enamored by these mobile kitchens and the offerings that they were serving up. Food trucks are still finding great success across Vacationland, with more trucks focusing doing one thing and doing it incredibly well to draw in customers. The success of the annual Street Eats and Beats Festival shows that Maine's love of food trucks isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So with so many food trucks already doing so many things so well, where is there an opening? Well, brunch, of course.

According to Portland Food Map, there will be a new food truck joining the ranks next spring in Maine and it'll be centered around the deliciousness that is brunch. It'll be called the Hi Bar Brunch truck, named after the Hi Bar Bakery that already exists in Portland. They plan on serving some signature breakfast sandwiches, fried chicken and waffles as well as some delicious baked goods like muffins, scones and if you're really cheating, choco tacos.

Hi Bar Bakery is another success story out of the Fork Food Lab in Portland. Founded in 2018, Hi Bar has been operating out of the food lab and growing steadily in supplying small cafes with fresh baked goods. Their momentum has allowed them to explore other projects, including launching a brunch food truck.

The catch? You're going to have to be patient. This project will need a little time, with the launch date of Hi Bar Brunch truck expected in March of 2021. Good things come to those who wait.

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