A new restaurant has popped up on the corner of Market and Fore Street in Portland's Old Port. This isn't your casual Thai takeout joint, though. Cheevitdee takes traditional Thai recipes and creates true works of art with their food.

The photos of these menu items could be framed in an art gallery. Chee Vit Dee tops my list of new places to eat this summer.

Fresh rolls are the best way to start a meal at a Thai eatery. The fresh rolls at Chee Vit Dee are prepared with your choice of shrimp or tofu.

You may choose to follow up your appetizer with the Choo Chee Salmon dish. Choo Chee is a type of curry served with perfectly pan seared salmon and a gorgeous rainbow of steamed vegetables.

If you'd like something lighter, Chee Vit Dee can help. The chicken rice dish is exactly that - chicken, rice, cucumbers, and a side of winter melon soup.


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