There's a lot of different amazing history found at parks all across the state of Maine. Maybe the latest and greatest piece can be found at Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston, where the culmination of a multi-year project has finally come to fruition.

Shared on Reddit by PolymerPussies, take a look at this incredible Vietnam-era fighter jet on full display. According to the Sun-Journal, the project took more than two years to complete because of the size of the Corsair A-7D jet. The Lewiston/Auburn Veterans Council had secured to the transport of the jet from Montana to Maine but didn't count on it coming in two trips. Thus, delays in the project happened. Despite those initial setbacks, all the pieces of the jet finally arrived and been reassembled for a truly stunning war memorial.

The Corsair fighter jet is an impressive sight in-person, at roughly 50 feet long with a wingspan of nearly 40 feet. The jet, even without any cargo, weighs close to 10 tons. The Lewiston/Auburn Veterans Council also decided to place the fighter jet enhanced platform in hopes visitors could visualize the jet "flying". With the city skyline in the background, their mission seems to be accomplished.

Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston can found at the corner of Lincoln Street and Main Street. There is no fee to visit the park.

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