I wrote an article about how I hadn't owned a winter jacket for 10 years. That's 10 winters of sweatshirts that just didn't cut it, but it is hard for me to commit to outfits. I finally was push myself to buy a jacket.

I am now adulting and want to share with you what tips I personally have found that are most beneficial in getting yourself prepped for the hard winter months.

Now I know that I am not a weather person or am educated in the fields of meteorologist-stuff, do think I have a pretty good handle on keeping myself warm. By the way, clouds rock.

In the olden days, rich woman who wear those puffy petty coat things, would have their chamber maids or hand maids put hot pots under the blankets at the end of their beds to warm their feet.

According to Old and Interesting, "using a hot stone or brick heated at the fireside in a pot is one way of carrying warmth from the hearth into bed."

"Hey Honey! Come to bed our pots are hot and ready to burn off our toes!"

So instead of burning your feet with a hot pan when your rolling around dreaming about  Paul Rudd taking you swing dancing, use a heating pad instead. I do and it's heaven wrapped in a pad of heat. Voila, warm feet!

Their are also these $25 socks, yes I said socks for $25 dollars at Barnes and Noble that are called reading socks. They are seven times fuzzier than a sheep wearing cotton candy on a cloud. I bought them for Mommy for Christmas and I don't think she's taken them off yet.

Warming up your car is also essential in making sure you are cozy from your home to your vehicle. However, I guess you shouldn't do it anymore. An article on Family Handy Man says that it is terrible for your engine to warm up your car before driving and driving it right away is better.

In addition, The Washington Post says, idling does nothing for your vehicle, and has big costs if you idle your car before driving.

So what I do now, instead of idling my car is wrap myself in a heated blanket, sprint to the car and drive with the heated blanket until it warms up. I know it may be odd but it works and if those car genius people are right, I won't waste money on fuel or putting out bad greenhouse emissions and pollution. I'm automatically leveling up with Mother Nature.

David Izquierdo via Unsplash
David Izquierdo via Unsplash

Staying warm is vital to survive our winters. To wrap this incredibly important article, buy a jacket, use hand and toe warmers, heating pad, and heating blanket, so anything that is heated is your new best friend.

My greatest point is that you may not look cool but that's the point, you'll be warm.

Thank you and you're very welcome.

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