Brunswick and Rockland will be connected again by train!

For the first time in seven years, there's a new passenger train later this month. It's the Coastliner Excursion that will connect Brunswick and Rockland. They have stops in Bath, Newcastle, and Wiscasset.

Maine Eastern Railroad Facebook
Maine Eastern Railroad Facebook

The photo above is of the Maine Eastern Railroad passenger train. That shut down in 2015, and that's the last time a passenger train was in the midcoast. If you are looking for a nice trip to see some foliage, this seems like the perfect trip! The tracks have been well kept in those seven years of no trains and according to Coastliner Excursions

All trips utilize comfortable 76-passenger, self-propelled, fuel-efficient, climate-controlled, restroom-equipped, internet-accessible railcars with oversized windows.

The Bangor Daily News said that the Coastliner debuted at the Maine Lobster Festival going about 12 miles to Warren and back. The actual trip from Brunswick to Rockland will last about two hours and be 57 miles long.

Looks like you'll have three options!

Take in Bath from Wiscasset

Hour-long round trips from the 'Prettiest village in Maine' to its fascinating 'City of Ships', offer a choice of leisure time to explore both communities. Date to be determined.

Coming Soon

Regular excursions are expected to commence in August with a morning departure from Rockland and an afternoon return from Brunswick. A shorter midday reverse loop will encourage exploratory travel among the intriguing intermediate online communities of Bath, Wiscasset, and Newcastle-Damariscotta.

Charter the Coastliner

Enjoy a customized “Coastliner” experience as a mobile hourly time-share on rails. Rent the train exclusively for as long as your affinity group needs to go where its members would like to go. Stay as long as desired, and do as you please legally for entertainment en route.

Oh, that last option sounds amazing! Hang tight as no dates are available yet...but soon!

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