I received an email about a mom trying to turn her daughter getting bullied in middle school, into something positive...


The email stopped me in my tracks...

Hi Lori,

I’m writing to you tonight because I’d like to know if you would ever consider speaking to my daughter’s middle school (MSAD 15) about the topic of homophobia and bullying associated with it.

Recent events at my daughter’s school have put me in Mama Bear mode, and instead of seeking retaliation I’d like something positive to come from it.

My daughter and her best friend are super close. They barely like being separated for an hour, let alone a day or weekend. And they are really good for one another. My daughter suffers from anxiety, and her BFF is terribly shy. Together, they compliment one another’s strengths and weaknesses. It is not unheard of to see these two giggling uncontrollably about who knows what, or to hear one of them encouraging the other about their singing, drawing or athletic ability.

However, recently, two “plastics” right from the movie “Mean Girls” started targeting my daughter and her BFF. They have bullied them in every way possible, and most recently outwardly accused them of being lesbians, and have spread the rumor throughout the school. Now, first of all, I’m seriously shocked that such blatant homophobia still persists in our schools today. Secondly, so what if they are?!?!  In this instance, the girls really are ‘just friends’, but I’m certain there are LGBTQ children in the same school who are also being targeted. I’m beyond angry about this.

I hope you are not offended by my reaching out to you. I’m a big fan of Q97.9 and especially the morning show. I know there is infinitely more about you than the fact that you happen to be a lesbian. That’s the whole point I’m trying to make, actually. There is no room for homophobia in our society and especially not in our schools. I know you have visited MSAD 15 before and you actually sat at my daughter’s lunch table. She thought you were “cool” which coming from a 12 year old is unheard of. Needless to say, it was a big moment for her.

If you would ever consider speaking, I’m pretty certain our school would love to have you. My daughter and her BFF will continue to fight the good fight in not backing down to ignorance. As I said before, rather than seeking revenge against the “plastics”, I’d much rather see something positive come from it. Maybe a little enlightenment from a top notch public speaker???

This was my response:

After reading your email, I too am angry! I would love the opportunity to spread a positive voice and give your daughter and her BFF encouragement that it will ALWAYS be better.

I was also thinking that I would love to share your letter with our listeners. I think a lot of them would also go into Mama Bear mode and perhaps, talk to their own kids and maybe spearhead some positive talks in their own schools.

Would that be okay? I would certainly keep names out - but I would like to put that it is MSAD 15.

Please let me know if that's okay. Also, let me know what I can do to make this happen on my end. It's a teeny bit crazy (that ol' Cans for a Cure will surely do me in!) But I think this is super important and I will make time.

I'll even bring the Q Van and your daughter, BFF and I can take a cool picture. I'm rarely considered cool :)

I am so sorry this is happening, but I applaud and encourage your reaction. It is sometimes incredibly hard to take the high road, when the low one is so much easier to reach...

Please take this time to possibly read this mom's email to your kids and ask them,

Do you know anyone who is being bullied at school? Is there homophobia?

Maybe we can all use this middle school drama to spread a little positivity...


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