What's a buddy bench or table? The buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground and lunchroom.


Every day 160,000 kids stay home to avoid being bullied at school. Step Up is an organization with a mission to work with schools to develop a tolerant, positive and inclusive school culture. It can be done by supporting and educating students, parents, and school personnel. Recognizing negativity and understanding how a caring culture can be fostered within all of the members of their school community are the lessons to be shared.

There is a Step Up 5K with the proceeds going to get 5 local schools a buddy bench for the playground or a buddy table for the cafeteria.

Registration is only 25 dollars and it's a 5K around Back Cove in Portland on November 9th. Everyone gets a long sleeve t-shirt and if you raise at least 100 dollars, the registration fee is waived! Registration is at 9 am with the 5K starting at 10 am.


You can stamp out bullying in schools!


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