Are you addicted to .GIFs? Do you argue with your friends about how 'GIF' is pronounced? If you're as nerdy as I am, or if you're hooked on internet culture, this new app is for you!

Introducing Pop Key, the new animated .GIF keyboard!

I'll admit it... I'm one of those people that will take MINUTES (prescious minutes) to go and find the perfect GIF that's just witty enough or perfectly snarky enough to respond to a text or a facebook message.

NO MORE! Now, with apps like Pop Key, we can be even lazier (as if that was possible) and have the best of the internet at our fingertips!

Just think of all the time I won't have to waste finding that perfect .GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby raising that champagne glass to respond to my girlfriend when she says she took care of the laundry.

What a time to be alive.


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