Jeff’s 5 Favorite Android Apps
There are a lot of junk Android apps out there, but there are some really helpful and really fun ones too if you know where to look. Here are the 5 apps on my phone that I use every day.
App Tracks Your TV Shows
I stream all my TV shows and I've found it hard to know what shows have new episodes and where I left off. I found and app that just made it a lot easier for me to keep track of them.
Unleash the Air Waves with RadioPup [VIDEO]
Q fans who have long wondered when they could have a new mobile app to listen to their favorite songs, get caught up on the latest news and follow Facebook and Twitter don't have to wait anymore. Townsquare Media's radioPup mobile app is now available on Google play and iTunes and will give you the ability to follow all of your favorite Portland area radio stations as well as access to more than 3