It seems that there is an app for just about everything nowadays, however, it is true, residents of Maine seem to dislike two apps more than the others. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that there is an app that you hate to use, I know I certainly have one I try to never use, but for a whole state to dislike two seems a bit excessive.

How do we know what two apps are most hated in the state of Maine? Well, it's all thanks to a recent study done by PC Mag.

According to PC Mag, they were able to determine how people felt about apps by "Electronics Hub analyzed geotagged tweets about cryptocurrency, dating, entertainment, money transfer, and social media apps and found that some are universally disliked. Across the United States, the apps that caused negative feelings in the largest number of states are Tinder (21 states), Reddit (seven states), Snapchat (six), Roblox (five), and Facebook (three)."

Here's the kicker, the apps that seemed to cause "negative feelings" the most, did not really affect Maine residents.

According to PC Mag's results, most states only disliked one app, whereas Maine on the other hand seemed to hate two.

So what are the apps that Mainers seem to hate? PC Mag's results indicate that the two hated apps in Maine are TikTok and Amazon Prime Video.

Yup, two video types of apps! One that some of us spend too much time scrolling through (TikTok) and one where we can watch movies and TV shows, which honestly is a bit confusing to me.

I do understand why TikTok is one of the most hated apps, due to the fact that it is very easy to lose track of time while we are on it. I mean how many times have you realized that 3 hours of your life have gone by and you were just scrolling through videos?

Wondering where other parts of New England stand on apps? Well it seems that Massachusetts has a problem with Snapchat, Rhode Island dislikes Facebook, Vermont seems to think swiping is lame as they don't really want anything to do with Tinder, and both Connecticut and New Hampshire have a bone to pick with the texting app, WhatsApp.

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