A couple of guys from Baxter Brewing Company and Randy from Pinky D's Poutine Truck are getting together for a new place in Auburn.




According to the Sun JournalSide By Each Brewing Co. and The Poutine Factory will open at 1110 Minot Avenue this coming winter.

Beer and poutine? Not just beer, but a brewery that will be visible to customers.

The Sun Journal reports that business partners and friends Ben Low and Matt Johannes from Baxter Brewing don't want a brewery like the ones in Portland. Ben Low says:

We’re really trying to keep it open and welcoming and family-friendly. It’s not going to be super-hipster feeling like a lot of the places in Portland, in keeping with the community. Our brewery is going to be in a fish bowl. We’re going to try to make it a little bit of an interactive experience. We love sharing our knowledge about the process and what we do, the things that we’ve learned along the way, both for better and worse — and talking with people who know a little or a lot about beer. We enjoy the process of it from beginning to end.


I love the idea! Good luck Ben, Matt and Randy! I have a new place to head to this winter!



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