One of the coolest parts about this, other than reliving your youth if you're a '90s kid, but as an adult, is the fact that the crew behind this themed bar may already be familiar to you, if you're into local crafts from Maine and/or Maine breweries in general.

Odd By Nature Brewing

Since 2021, Odd By Nature Brewing has been bringing in the crowds to their location in York, Maine, while also serving, as their Instagram bio says, "'90s nostalgia in a glass."

With '90s based brews like "Contraband" (a tip of the cap to the '90s Nintendo game "Contra" which is mostly known for its iconic cheat code), Airheads, Grand Theft Lager (a tip of the cap to the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto"), the above-featured "Crantastic Voyage" (a collaboration with and tribute to rapper Coolio and his song "Fantastic Voyage") and more, the Odd By Nature crew has truly mastered putting one of the best decades into a glass.

In fact, they've mastered it so much, they've grown their '90s beer wizardry into an entire '90s themed brewery down in Worcester, Massachusetts.

oddbyworcester via Instagram
oddbyworcester via Instagram

Odd By Worcester Brewing

Located inside of the Midtown Mall on Front Street in Worcester, Massachusetts, '90s nostalgia greets customers right at the entrance of Odd By Worcester Brewing with a massive sign that is a take on the old Blockbuster video stores -- and that barely scratches the surface.

Walk inside and there's a massive mural that captures every possible memory of the 1990's at once, no matter what your favorites were -- the show Friends, the cartoon Rugrats, pro wrestling, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers -- you name it, it's in the mural.

Oddity By the Ocean Beer Festival

For the last couple of years, Odd By Nature Brewing has put on a mega popular beer festival complete with live music, food, and obviously, beer -- Oddity By the Ocean. And while it's always been held at the York, Maine, location, a comment on the Odd By Worcester page on Instagram by the Oddity By the Ocean Instagram page was either a major tease or a total white rabbit.

oddbynaturebrewing via Instagram
oddbynaturebrewing via Instagram

Also, for the customers of the OG Odd By Nature location in York that may be jealous of all the '90s awesomeness down at Odd By Worcester? You can put that green envy away.

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