There's no denying that Portland is America's foodie town. It's been published on websites like, in articles across the nation, and if you've ever been to the city, it's pretty obvious why.

The trend shows no sign of slowing down as almost weekly we're hearing of another restaurant opening or expanding, or another food truck coming to town.

In fact, there's a new ice cream food truck making it's debut this 4th of July called Twist and according to the write up on Portland Food Map, you'll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings as well as milkshakes made to order with everything from Maine blueberries to fruity pebbles to wasabi peas.

On Twist's Instagram they say opening day will be on July 4th. They'll be located on the corners of Congress and Merrill Street, near the Blue Spoon restaurant beginning at 2pm and staying open "til the fireworks fly!"

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