In Portland, craft beer is a part of life for many residents. One of Portland's little gems, Novare Res, has spent years building its reputation as a beer drinkers destination when visiting the city. But for those in the Lewiston/Auburn area, there is no such destination. Well, until Craft Beer Underground opens on February 23rd.

According to the Sun-Journal, Craft Beer Underground is the brainchild of Mike Williams Jr. He, like many other locals to L/A, has enjoyed the Portland beer scene and wished that Lewiston/Auburn could have something similar. So rather than wait for someone else to create, Williams decided to do it himself.

Craft Beer Underground will be located at 34 Court Street across the street from Gritty McDuff's. The plan is to make it a craft beer haven, featuring rotating taps of craft beer, plus a menu for more than 100 different craft beers in bottles and cans from around the world. And if that's not enough, there will be a shuffleboard table for entertainment a cell phone charging stations for those that are electronically inclined.

Williams hopes to carve out his niche in the Lewiston/Auburn beer community that already features Baxter Brewing and Bear Bones.

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