Animal lovers, this might get the tears flowing.

This pet store in Brazil replaced their expensively bred puppies with rescue dogs for the day and the response from people was incredible.

There are thousands of animal shelters in Brazil. And most of them are overcrowded. Yet, people keep spending a lot of money to buy a pet rather than adopting one. We believe there's no difference between pure-bred animals and shelter animals. To show this, we invited one pet shop to lend its displays for one day. We replaced the animals for sale with pets for adoption. Without telling people. After all, better than buying a life is saving one.

- YouTube via Associação Quatro Patinhas

I adopted both of my dogs, Eloise and Lou Lou. I didn't spend tons of money at a breeder because I knew I wanted to save the lives of dogs who might otherwise go unclaimed in a shelter. I love that this video promotes saving a life rather than buying one.


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